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“As we venture successfully in to the 9th year of our existence, it gives me immense pleasure to see my staff by my side along with my loyal clients, without the support of whom, reaching a milestone such as this would not have been possible. We started on a small scale and have expanded to our current positions only because of the long term vision of my staff and their commitment towards the unified goal of the company. Being the chairman, it makes my heart swell to see the outcome of the hardwork and efforts put in by my team.

At Solmec Earthmovers, we have always tried our best to deliver performance that speaks of the superior most quality and that too at the committed time to our clients. Due to the results achieved, it has become possible for me to expand this business and take it to further new zeniths.

Following the dictum that ‘Actions speak louder than words’ I would like to go ahead and motivate my team to fulfill their tasks in such a manner that our results would speak for themselves without me having to boast of them from the next time.”



JaimishDodia Chairman Words